Guided by the yoga principles of gentleness and compassion, respect, quiet observation and detachment from results, Mother and Baby Yoga classes are a wonderfully special time for mama and baby.  Throughout the enormous changes to all our lives in these unprecedented times of Covid19. I have  offered classes online throughout 2020. Classes are on pause during 2021

A huge, heartfelt part of my work at Yoga Bloom is to whatever I can do towards “minding the mammy” whilst she in turn is wholly and utterly preoccupied with minding her baby.  In my Mother & Baby Yoga classes, now offered online, I endeavour to do this through post-partum awareness, gentle exercise, breath, connection with baby, meditation, relaxation and community; to help you the Mama get a chance to gradually and gently reacquaint with body and mind, all of course with baby, after the transformative experience of pregnancy and birth, howsoever you gave birth.

Babies have their own special part of the class for some gentle stretching and some singsong with mama, and at all times throughout the class they get to connect through breath, plenty of eye contact, closeness and engagement with Mama.

Classes are usually suitable from when you the Mama are six weeks post-partum until baby is fairly mobile: the latter end is unique to each mama and baby unit (please get in touch if you are not sure). Usually I ask that mamas consult with their care provider at around 6 weeks before attending; and I don’t recommend any formal exercise before this time in any case. You are however invited to link in to the classes on Zoom for free in these early stages if you feel called to, and just follow along for the information, breathing and community.