I offer support for women to tune into their own bodies and minds during pregnancy and beyond, to actively prepare body and mind for the powerful experience of birth.

Classes involve:

  • Community and chat with other pregnant women
  • Gentle movements and stretches to keep the body limber, healthy & strong throughout pregnancy
  • Breathing techniques and positions and information for pregnancy and birth
  • Birthing positions and preparation
  • Guided Relaxation

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Prenatal Yoga Classes on ZOOM


Prenatal Yoga STUDIO classes

Note that studio classes are relocating to Bree to avail of extra space in bigger premises there. I look forward to meeting the mamas-to-be and bumps in person soon!

More info here 


At the start of Covid Lockdown we began to “meet” for class online. Together we figured it out and I am SO grateful that anyone joined in at all and gave me the opportunity to test the waters and see how we would go. I deliberately make the class shorter than my studio class, because screen-time, and I intend to keep this virtual meet-up as an offering between studio classes too.

I will soon relocate my prenatal yoga classes to Earthwise Yoga in Bree to avail of more space in bigger premises there and enable distancing.

Know also that I am here as a “WhatsApp Doula” for any pregnancy, birth and new mama supports and suggestions that I can give, and I endeavour to add information to my website as a resource you can check out as you go. I’ve also started a Facebook group for pregnant and new mamas of 2020.


Adrienne 0834195646