Yoga Bloom is a dedicated yoga studio for pregnancy and mothers and babies, run by Adrienne Corless on a Wexford farm. Adrienne is a birth enthusiast, doula, and breastfeeding support advocate and is passionate about providing support to women in pregnancy and motherhood, through yoga, company and cups of tea ☕️ 

My tumble into the world of yoga came when I took a class with Shakti Saraswati at Earthwise Yoga in Bree, Co Wexford. I had practised yoga before, and had always spoken highly of its benefits, and this time I really found my passion for it. Yoga now became my obsession and I began attend as many classes and workshops as I could, and eventually trained on the Earthwise Yoga yoga teacher training programme to become a yoga teacher myself. With my accompanying passion for matters relating to childbirth and new motherhood, I then went on to train as a prenatal yoga teacher with Shelagh Sutton of the Prenatal Yoga Training Centre.

I am also a trained doula thanks to my training with Bridget Sheeran of Birth Know How  Cork and I advocate for good breastfeeding support (I was founding member of the Irish charity Friends of Breastfeeding).

About the studio

The yoga studio is a recently renovated 200-year-old stone cabin, which we believe was the original cottage of the Mullet family who lived here before the current farmhouse was built. The Mullet family lived on at this farm for several centuries and are direct ancestors of my partner and my own two children.

The studio is bright, cosy and warm, and in the colder months is heated by a wood-burning stove, to keep the ambience as natural and pleasant as possible with log fire.

The house and studio are part The Hill Farm, which focuses mainly on sheep (busiest at lambing time in March), and we also have pet duck, hens and cat, who can sometimes be seen peaking in through the glass of the studio door.