Take a bump selfie – tune into posture

Once upon a time in my yoga classes I always made sure to try nab a bump photo of the glowing, blooming mamas-to-be in my classes as they near the end of pregnancy … and I will do so again once Covid restrictions are relaxed enough that we can all happily meet face-to-face in my studio again, but can’t just now!


Of course all the yoga we do is for comfort and strength and suppleness in pregnancy, and this all shows off in our posture. Alignment and posture awareness are fundamentals in yoga.

I urge you to get the bump selfies in for yourself just now 💜💜 Use a mirror, go through the alignment checks like we do in class:

🌀 Two feet flat on the floor, make sure you’re not falling in on instep. Heels, balls of feet and outside edges of the feet strongly engaged with the floor.

🌀 Don’t lock the knees ☝️👍 nice strong legs and glutes (bum) muscles! Knees aligned over ankles, don’t knock yourself of balance but sway a little forward, or sway a little back to achieve this

I mention vulva awareness because I think it’s easier and more accurate to focus on alignment of this (we all know STRAIGHTaway where I mean), and when sitting, that you are sitting right down onto the centre of the sitz-bones either side. Tune into this for yourself. I always say sitting on a hard chair, or down onto the hard floor for yoga, is good to tune into this. Also sitting on a yoga or birth ball.

All of this is why we Pelvic tilt a lot in yoga. It’s good for your comfort, it’s good for optimal baby positioning and it’s good for your bump selfie!

🌀 I do like the cue on this to imagine a “ribbon” drawing your pubic bone and breastbone together. I always say to “drop the ribs” (so we’re not flaring them out) but maybe this gets the idea across better 🎀 also thinking of this helps to align pelvis and keep deep abdominal muscles in tone.

🌀 Shoulders relaxed back and down away from ears!

🌀 Ears in line with shoulders: don’t jut your chin out in front.

🌀 Nice long tall spine right up into the back of the neck. Gently draw the back of the head upwards towards the ceiling.

🌀 Place a hand to the top of the bump to give it lovely definition … and breathe! Snap a gorgeous beautifully aligned bump selfie 💜💜