Books to read whilst pregnant

If we are buying a house a or planning a wedding – we research. We google, research, buy all the books. Pregnancy is no different.Being pregnant, preparing for birth and the whole new journey of being a mama needs resources even more so. Buy all the books! Or order them through your local library.

Take a look down through my list here for some of my favourites. This is not an exhaustive list: I aim to add to it as I find out or remember more. I don’t review them just now: just list them and link to them. They’re all great. See what resonates.

I also suggest some books that <AHEM!> I recommend avoiding.

Books are listed in no particular order. Or if you are only going to buy one book let it be The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson, because when it comes to themes of pregnancy and birth and new motherhood, almost NEVER does the postnatal period get the loving caring insighful attention and information that is laid out in this book. Aimed at the post-partum, but read it in pregnancy too. Make sure not to mix up the set of inspiring cards that can also be purchased to complement the book: or just buy both!

Oh. Anything by Ina May Gaskin is kind of a must-read too! I hesitate to recommend just one of hers over any of her others, but maybe Birth Matters which is her most recent.

I’ll provide links to where I could find them from my favourite online book sellers, Irish or independent websites where I can to support their business (especially at the time of writing: a national and largely global health crisis lockdown!), and/or to Book Depository which I love.

Please do let me know of any local sellers where you are who carry any of these titles.


  • The Fourth Trimester : A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality by Kimberly Ann Johnson – Available from Book Depository

Anything by Ina May Gaskin!

Books by Milli Hill – she is UK-based and is founder of the global Positive Birth Movement – we have a Wexford group!

More great books:

  • Birth without Fear by January Harshe – Available from Book Depository New Active Birth A Concise Guide to Natural Childbirth By Janet Balaskas – Available from Book Depository
  • Born in Orgasmic Bliss By Merrie P. Wycoff – Available from Abe Books
  • Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz – Available from Book Depository
  • Preparing for Birth – Colouring Your Pregnancy Journey By Bridget Sheeran & Illustrated by Olwyn Jennings. A Mindfulness colouring book for pregnancy! Available from Book Depository
  • The Irish Better Birth Book by Tracey Donegan – Available from Book Depository

Specifically Yoga-related:

  • Teach Yourself Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth By Uma Dinsmore-Tuli – from the “Teach Yourself” series and utterly in keeping with how I teach. Available from the author here and from Book Depository and Abe Books
  • Yoga Mama: The Practitioners Guide to Prenatal Yoga By Linda Sparrowe. Most suitable to those who already have a yoga practice prior to pregnancy. Available from Barnes & Noble or here

Books I don’t like:

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do or not do but because the following are packaged up so innocently and attractively, and are considered so mainstream they’re often available in Lidl and they get given as gifts – and though I do believe are from a place of good if misguided intentions – well, the problem is, they are rubbish and worse, harmful (to babies and mothers both).

  • We’d all do well to steer clear of books with Contented Little Baby in the title because in spite of the adorable title, they they view babies as best seen and not heard, despite the author’s best intentions for contented little babies (for wouldn’t we all like that? But we don’t get that! They’re not puppies that we have to put the law to) These books are particularly woeful in terms of breastfeeding information.
  • And I recommend steering clear of books Books by Tizzie Hall that suggests that if you’re baby is puking from crying you ignore her. You don’t have to listen to me, but no, don’t do this. Again, our adoring babies are not puppies and they are not in “training”

Feel free to let me know if any of these resonated with you too! And I’d love to know if you find these books at any local stockists where you are – let me know. Contact me here