UPDATE on Classes and gatherings at YOGA BLOOM 4th May 2020

Yoga Bloom remains closed during the Covid19 global situation. Classes are available live online from my bedroom meanwhile though:



Please contact me to join!

I was quick to pause everything once the schools closures was announced (Friday the 13th!) – I’ve always been nervous of packing people into my small studio, especially pregnant women and new mamas and their babies: people with extra vulnerabilites, in the sense that they are a group that have extra demand on their minds and bodies: the demand of growing or carrying babies all day long, tiredness, the enormous 24/7 responsibilities that babies and children bring!

My whole intention at Yoga Bloom is to be a support to this group of women, and almost ahead of time we were deciding that gathering together for class was not the right thing to do, not whilst we were watching what was unfolding in Italy and Spain and knowing what we knew of what had happened in China. It felt like a burgeoning weather event and like we would for any storm I was glad to pause, and observe and reflect: but just as the weather does, pregnancy, birth and new motherhood trundles on regardless!

SO without much know-how, I registered to Zoom and sent out the link. And we started to “meet” for class online. I had no idea what I was doing, I confess, but we figured it out and I am SO grateful that anyone joined in at all and gave me the opportunity to test the waters and see how we would go. I deliberately make the class shorter than my studio class, because screen-time, and I would hope to keep this virtual meet-up as an offering between studio classes too when they resume. I don’t know yet when that will be, or how they will be. I continue to reflect and observe.

In the meantime, as the weeks pass: babies get born!

And our group necessarily “contracts” and so I am calling for pregnant people to join us.

Know also that I am here as a “WhatsApp Doula” for any pregnancy, birth and new mama supports and suggestions that I can give, and I endeavour to add information to my website as a resource you can check out as you go. I’ve also started a Facebook group for pregnant and new mamas of 2020.


Adrienne 0834195646




It is my privilege to offer support for women to tune into their own bodies and minds during pregnancy and beyond, to allow time and space to actively prepare the body and mind for the powerful experience of birth.

Classes involve:

  • Community and chat with other pregnant women
  • Gentle movements and stretches to keep the body limber, healthy & strong throughout pregnancy
  • Breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth
  • Birthing positions and preparation
  • Guided Relaxation

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  • 6-week block of classes (use within 8 weeks) €80 This info for studio classes
  • When your 6 classes begin depends on when you’re ready to start your first class and from when spaces are available: contact me to check availability and to book in
  • (No drop-in available: however pay-per-class may be possible in extenuating circumstances – please get in touch if you’d like to discuss)


  • Wednesdays 7PM


Adrienne 0834195646 adrienne@yogabloom.ie