I am a trained doula thanks to my training with Bridget Sheeran of Birth Know How  Cork.

As a doula, I offer my continuous companionship to a labouring woman: my role is to be fully with the woman as she labours for an unknown amount of time.

I offer practical, physical and emotional support  for the mother and her partner in the lead-up to the birth, during labour, and after. During the birth, I may simply sit in companionship alongside the mother; I breathe with her as she labours, and I gently remind her of her own breathing; I offer reminders about changes in position that may help navigate the twists and turns of labour; I gently remind the birthing partner of the things that he (or she) can do to support the labouring mother; and I provide simple practical support like snacks and drinks and help with errands.

I also offer support to the new mother in the early days following birth, for example help with errands, housework, feeding and changing as required.

The word doula means “woman servant” (it’s Greek) and to be a doula is, to me, to be of full service to women in a profoundly sacred time in their lives.

Please contact me to find out more and to check availability and fees.

Adrienne 0834195646 adrienne@yogabloom.ie