I am SO thrilled to teach pregnancy yoga in a studio setting at long last!

Classes are Mondays 7PM and cost €85 for a round of 8 classes. You can pay here: please get in touch first to make sure there is space! Places are extremely limited, so get in touch fast if you haven’t already 0834195646

I have been teaching on Zoom and supporting over WhatsApp since March 2020 and I feel it is crucial that a studio setting also be offered at this stage, especially for pregnancy and birth where yoga has such profound benefits, and in my own role as teacher and doula. Pregnancy and birth go on as always! I feel it is so so important that you still have access to every support possible, including in-person classes. You are also welcome to join the Wednesday night Zoom as an add-on to the studio class for a reduced price.


Whereas I used to provide everything, I now need to ask you to bring all your own props due to Covid measurements.

  • Please bring your own mat, blanket and cushions. Try to bring three cushions, or a pregnancy pillow if you have one. At the very least have one cushion.
  • I can sell you a mat for €10 if you need one (just let me know)
  • In some of the classes we will use wrap- type scarves for easing out tension in the body: this work is influenced in the main by Mexican rebozo traditions, you don’t need an actual rebozo scarf (any kind of wrap scarf will do) but if you feel like splashing out on one, they are gorgeous and worth it  and you can get them here https://sophiemessager.com/product-category/shop/
  • In about every fourth or fifth class we will do a class with yoga balls. Start thinking about sourcing one for yourself: make sure to get one that is suitable to your height (EG small, medium, large). Again I have spares but it is not recommended that equipment  be shared right now. Besides, much better to have your own, which you will need at home anyway!


I have moved my classes from my own bijous yoga studio, where we used to all pack in, to the much larger premises of Earthwise Yoga in Bree. Because I am keeping numbers so limited, we will be a necessarily small boutique group of about 6, within a massive yoga studio which normally fits 20. We will have plenty of space.

You are welcome to wear a mask until you are settled on your yoga mat, and when you are getting up to leave again.


The windows will be kept wide open for plenty of ventilation, which is normal enough for this time of year anyway (and always the norm in my own home rail hail or shine! Fresh air in abundance at all times!)


The yoga room is massive, airy and without clutter. Door handles and touch points will be cleaned before and after classes.


Can’t wait to see you there!

My best,