I’m so delighted that classes begin again at Yoga Bloom in October 2017! I look forward to sharing yoga with pregnant women and new mothers and their babies, and I invite Eimear Grace to teach us baby massage. Contact me as soon as possible to book in.



Updated timetable for 2019!


(School yoga)


10AM Mother & Baby Yoga (group 1: brand new babies up till 7 or 8 months or mobile/crawling)


7PM Pregnancy Yoga


7PM Pregnancy Yoga 7PM


10:30AM Mother & Baby Yoga (group 2: mobile/crawling babies/toddlers)


All classes are held at my lovely dedicated studio in rural Wexford

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Classes are designed to support women to tune into their own bodies and minds during pregnancy and beyond: to allow time and space to actively prepare the body and mind for, and to recover from, the powerful experience of birth.

The focus is on gentle, limbering yoga movements, and pose that help to keep the body and mind strong throughout pregnancy. We focus lots on breathing techniques, and techniques to keep calm and relaxed throughout pregnancy and childbirth. These classes are also a great way to link in with other pregnant women in the area and it is a great privilege for me to share in such a special journey in women’s lives.

Mother & Baby Yoga

At my Mother and Baby Yoga Classes new mothers are invited to bring along their babies for some gentle movements together, to help the mother gradually and gently reacquaint with her body and mind, and of course her baby, after the transformative experience of giving birth. The focus is on tuning into the body, and the mind, through gentle limbering and strengthening exercise and breathwork, for a new integration of physical and emotional wellbeing

Please contact me:

Adrienne 0834195646