Curious about Birth

With each of my three pregnancies, as I entered the latter weeks (anywhere from 30 weeks on or even from about 35 weeks on), I began to move into the zone of looking ahead to the birth.


In some cultures, past and present, where birth has not been taken into the confines of hospitals, little girls and women are regularly exposed to birth as older sisters, aunts and their own mothers give birth amid the support of other women.  Nobody can totally prepare any of us when it’s our time to give birth, but we shouldn’t have to face a complete unknown. A birthing experience is a great privilege, whether it’s our own or if we’re attending someone else’s, and it’s also a normal part of life. It IS life.

Currently, we don’t typically get to be present at births in Ireland: unless it’s a homebirth, as most hospitals have a policy of only allowing one birth partner (have you been to a birth? I would love to know!) but we can certainly be curious about birth! Look up birth stories online and on books to try to make up for our lack of exposure to real birth: there are amazing birth stories and videos all over the internet.



Believe it or not, Instagram is full of very powerful birthing videos shared very generously by the women who experienced them (see below) We might not have gotten to grow up around seeing and hearing women give birth, but through these images we have no excuse to remain shy or removed from birthing any longer!

Here are the accounts, scroll through their profiles, or better still follow them all!


Also, very accessible and very striking and insightful are Ina May Gaskin’s books that are packed with wonderful birth stories from the unique birthing village in Tennessee:

  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
  • Spiritual Midwifery


  • Birthing from Within by Pam England is beautiful way to get ideas to tap your inner strength for preparing for birth
  • Preparing for Birth by Bridget Sheeran (midwife) is a gorgeous colouring book focusing on birth: I have some copies of this available to buy (ask me!)
  • Born in Orgasmic Bliss by Merrie P Wycliff




  • Much more I shall add as I go ….


From time to time I facilitate BIRTH WORKSHOPS: Chat and Practical Focus on the yoga techniques we learn in pregnancy that can specifically be brought to the birth experience. These workshops are an invitation to any pregnant woman who is beginning to look ahead to the birth experience – or who isn’t sure yet – to join me for chat and practical work towards preparation for birth ♥ 


Get in touch to find out when the next birth workshop will be 0834195646

Beinean birth
Homebirth with my second baby